E-commerce for VietXem tiếng Việt

VAE, established in 2007, is a prominent player in the field of E-commerce, specifically catering to the Vietnamese community in Australia and worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to providing convenient services to buyers and clients is reinforced by our round-the-clock availability and sophisticated online payment system. By fostering connections with the Vietnamese community in Australia, we actively contribute to the business relationships between the two countries. With a forward-thinking vision, we strive to be at the forefront of E-commerce, offering cutting-edge online payment solutions and venturing into the online gaming market.

our website:

  + Vnsupermark.com

  + Gamecard.vn

  + Trumthe.com

  + Khothe.vn

  + Tiengame.com

 Office Address: 52 Newell St, Footscray, Vic 3011


AU : 03-9005-5699

US : 408-844-4577

VN : 028-62672181